Crown of Midnight Review

Content warning: blood, gore, and murder.

Date Published: 08/27/2013

Number of Pages: 420

Published by: Bloomsbury USA Childrens

Overall Rating: 4/5 stars

Brief Summary: Caleana won the competition and is now the King’s Champion. He has ordered her to kill several people now. One being someone she used to know very well Archer Finn. She has a month. A month to figure out how to kill her old friend and crush. She soon finds out he knows things. Things she could use. During this time she and her friend princess Nehemia become closer. As well as the captain of the guard Chaol. No longer in a relationship with Dorian, Chaol makes his move.

The writing: Sarah J. Maas did not disappoint the writing and plot twists in this book we’re amazing. I absolutely loved the way she turned the story around. As well as hated it at the same time. Some of her plot twists (which I will not mention due to it would spoil some of the story) made so very sad for Caleana. But in the end it was still an amazing story very well written. I give it a four and a half out of five.

The characters: Again Sarah did not disappoint the transformation of some of the characters was absolutely amazing. Again some of things that happened made me very sad so there for I can’t totally say that everything was amazing. We met some new characters such as Archer Finn, an old friend of Caleana, and Lord Roland, Prince Dorian’s cousin. Overall I’d give the characters a four out of five.

The setting: The setting was a little different than Throne of Glass (check out my last review to see what I thought of it) one thing that changed was the castle wasn’t the main place where the story took place. Caleana spent a good amount of time in the town Rifthold. It was winter as well. I liked the setting in Crown of Midnight better than Throne of Glass. Overall I’d give it a five out of five.


Throne of Glass Review

Content Warning: murder, blood and gore.

Date published: 08/07/2012

Number of pages: 406

Publisher: Bloomsbury USA Children’s

Overall rating: 4.5/5 stars

Brief summary: Caleana Sardothien has just spent a year in the salt mines of Endovier for her crimes as Adarlan’s assassin. When Prince Dorian and Captain Westfall offer her a chance for her freedom if she wins the competition to be the King’s Champion and serves him for four years. She agrees and they travel to the castle where she trains with Captain Westfall for the competition. Soon other contestants start turning up dead. Celeana takes it upon herself to figure out what’s killing them and sparks a interest in the Prince.

The Writing: I liked the story and how it was written. Sarah J. Maas kept me guessing the whole time. It was something I’d definitely reread. The way she wrote made it seem like you were there the whole time. And the way she revealed things was amazing. In all I loved the way she wrote the story. I’d give it a five out of five.

The Characters: Along with her writing the character development was amazing. She created characters that you could feel everything they were feeling. And the men let me tell you I think I fell in love with Dorian. He was the perfect mix of funny, sweet, and handsome. And Chaol was someone who you want to get to know so bad. He was funny as well as super serious. Caleana was a whole other story the way she went from despising the prince to being friends and just the way she developed during that time was amazing. Five out of five on character development.

The Setting: I did not particularly like the setting. Especially the glass castle. I feel like it was very unsafe and cold. With nothing breaking the wind and cold other than glass I think it would’ve been very cold. And I feel like the garden could’ve been described much better I love reading about big beautiful gardens and there descriptions but I didn’t get any of that. Overall I would’ve given it a three out of five.

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